Blu-Ray Foresees Victory in DVD Format War?

_700215h1.jpg A few weeks ago I posted on my Blog that the Adult Industry May Decide DVD Format War


It sounds like the Adult industry could quite possibly be the deciding factor in the DVD format war. Most likely which way they go the DVD format will go.

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But now Frank Simonis, the European chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association has publically said "Within three years it will just be Blu-Ray."

From what I understand the adult industry is embracing HD DVD. If you didn't know it, the adult industry outsells Hollywood by about 3 billion dollars a year in annual sales, rentals, and cable charges.
There are several large firms already stating they are going with HD-Dvd and others are suggesting they are commited to it. The adult industry was a huge factor in VHS winning the VHS/Beta format wars.

Check it out for yourself, right now, I am holding off buying any Hi-Def player.


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