15 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Don't Know, but Should.

Ask any PC enthusiast what they think about mice, and you'll almost always get a response like, "They're great for sniping in Call of Duty, but for other things it just slows you down." For anything productivity, enthusiasts are mouse haters.

How To Hide Your Home Theater Components, but Still Control Them

A decade ago, step into any "big screen TV" owner's family room and you'd likely find a big, two-foot deep TV wedged between two wooden towers and bridge going across the top, otherwise known as the "big screen entertainment center." While I could argue why this was probably the worst way to make a TV blend into a family room, it was believed that the only way to make a giant black box feel at home in a living room is to stuff it inside an even larger piece of furniture. 

Newspaper modules open-sourced by Studio Multimedia France 24 / RFI

Hello, Two months ago, a case study about the migration of France 24 from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 was posted on frontpage, and it was announced some really interesting modules were going to be open sourced. I'm happy to say it is (almost?) finished, and here is the list of modules:



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