Why Does My DVD Player Say 'No Disc'?

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I have a Sony DVD player model DVP-S560D. When I insert the dvd into the player I get a message on the player telling me to insert the disk.

Why isn't the player recognizing the disk already in the player? Does something need to be cleaned?

Thanks for any help.

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I'm going to assume that you're having this problem with all DVDs and CDs that you insert into the drive. If this problem only occurs on one disc, the problem is usually with the disc itself.

There are many reasons why a DVD player may be incapable of recognizing a DVD when inserted.

  1. Many DVD players are not able to properly detect and playback recordable DVDs. If trying to play a DVD disc that is a DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW, you'll need to refer to the DVD players documentation on compatible formats.

  2. Insert the disc and listen closely by placing your ear to close to the drawer of the DVD player. After the disc tray has closed, you should be able to hear the disc spinning. If you hear no such sound, it is common that the disc is not spinning up, which is why you would recieve a "No Disc" message when a disc has been inserted. In some cases, it can be difficult to hear the disc spinning, so you could remove the lid of the player to actually see if the disc spins.

  3. If this is the case, you could try to determine the cause of this, which is usually the "hat" above the center of the disc is stuck and needs to be repositioned to lay against the top surface of the DVD. If you are uncomfortable doing this, you'll want to bring the DVD player to a service center.

  4. In your case, the DVP-S560D is an older DVD player, and I'm sure it has had its fair share of use. Over time, dust and deposits can accumulate on the laser that reads the disc. In many cases, DVD players with this problem can still read CDs. You could try a DVD laser cleaner, which is usually a disc that has a tiny brush glued onto it. Run the cleaning disc 2 or 3 times, and try it again. Try both CDs and DVDs, since CDs are easier to read than a DVD.

  5. After a DVD player has been used for awhile, another common problem is that the laser in the DVD player becomes misaligned, inhibiting its ability to read DVDs. In many cases, DVD players with this problem will still be able to read a CD. I'd try a cleaning disc first, since the only way to fix this problem is to bring the unit to a service center for repair.

  6. There are other possibilities for the players failure, such as a defective laser motor (the motor that moves the laser), bad spindle motor (the motor that spins the disc), as will as other various circuit falures that could be the cause.

Try all things you can do yourself to repair the unit. If none of them are successful, you will need to have the unit repaired, or purchase a new DVD player. As a general rule-of-thumb, if the unit repair cost exceeds 2/3 the cost of a new comparable unit (in both features and quality), then don't bother fixing it. You'd be better off with a new player.

Let us know how it goes by following up in the discussion page below.

Matt Whitlock - Editor, TechLore.com


i have a panasonic sa-dm3 dvd home theatre system the aux port is working fine and the radio is playing ok . the problem is the dvd when inserted it just reads reading then it says no disc any ideas anyone



I also have a Panasonic sa-dm3 home theatre system with the same problem. I have found the only way round it is to continue opening and closing the Dvd drawer and eventually it plays. It plays some discs straight away but clearly it is a problem that needs sorting. I've cleaned it a few times with a cleaning disc but it doesn't really affect it too much. So yes I too would be interested in any ideas how to solve the problem permanantly as is very frustrating.

OK... where are some real answers to these ppls problems? I see questions.... and most of them are the same as mine.... But no real answers.... My DVD player is saying "no disk" when it goes through the read cycle... so.... what is the fix? would love to see the answer inhere, because i would love to watch some of my movies.

if cleaning the laser lens don't help then the laser needs to b replaced and/or the signal processing board

It should b checked by a tech. to make sure it is not a digital processing problem ( main board ) , otherwise it is most likely the laser is bad but could b the signal processing board so the laser and/or the signal processing board

i have just tried to played some DVD's through my pioneer but they just won't play - it just keeps coming up with 'no disc.' The same problem as most other people have had. i put a random other DVD in the pioneer machine and it worked as normal so i thought it was fixed, however that seems to be the only DVD that will play!

Can anybody please help me?!

Thank you!

this may b a format difference with the dvd's and that the edges of the dome lens on the laser mechanism are dirty and need manual cleaning ( open it up , use a q - tip and laser lens cleaning solution to clean the lens ) This is because the laser see's reflected angle's of light frequency's for different formats on disc's. this is also why it is important that the disc is also clean.
so try the lens cleaning , otherwise it is a problem for a tech to figure out with tests to determine the problem

wow guys these post were really helpful...i was having the exact same problem as well, i tried a CD and it worked...the problem was the DVD was to close to the laser lense, so i raised the hat which the DVD sits on just a bit higher and it worked...i believe sometimes the gears for the leanse go out of timing when disc that are scratched up are placed in the DVD player, usually there is a noise and thats the gears slipping or spinning pass each other because it is so difficult to read the disc...so it does not know when to stop and the motor keeps spinning even doe it has reached its stopping point causing the gears to go out of timing...so try just push the slider forward so the gears slip (only if you are hearing a noise)...i find that kinda help a bit...

My POrtable philips dvd player keeps saying" No disc" its driving me nutz!!!! I know what my problem is a just dont know how to fix it.:( I guess my Lazer wire thingie is not attached to the dspinning wheel thing in the front. I dont know how to fix it! plzz help! someone? Anyone?

My portable Philips dvd player keeps saying "no disc" My problem is that my lazer wire is not connected to spinny wheel in the front and Idk how to fix it?? plzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dvd playerul meu nu imi citeste CD care au clipuri video,si nici cele cu of. power point.imi citeste imaginele si muzica.Ce ma sfatuiti? multumesc.

I have an Insignia 32" TV with built in DVD player and the it will not recognize and play DVDs. They go in just fine but after the initial spin they automatically eject with the TV saying "no disc".

I've tried a laser lens cleaner but those too eject just as quickly. I read in the earlier part of the thread about the effects of a power failure on the components. I'm seeing a connection with the timing of the problem with a recent power failure. I live in San Diego and we had a rather huge power failure last year. Would that have "fried" the DVD drive in the TV beyond repair?

If I were to purchase the part could I install it if I were mechanically adept? I found the replacement part on a website (CN15-00209, part # S-8342 for $60.71). Or if I purchased the part and took it to someone to install what do you think the labor would be?


Hi, my dvd playr motor spins only twice and it displays no disk..! Wt 2 du help me....


i have a problem with my dvd player when i insert a disk(both dvd and vcd) it fail to rotate and display no disk but when i inserted a disk and when its loading i rotate it hand it can read only vcd but not dvd so what is the problem?


I have a SONY CD/DVD Player, model DVP-S560D. This unit worked perfectly, was stored for 2 years in its original box w/original packaging and placed in a storage unit. Now it is not recognizing any disc I insert. HELP!!!

I've tried running the disc calibration test...:
. Unit off and in stand-by mode
. Service mode => Press Title, Clear, Power on remote
. 1 = Auto calibrate DVDs & CDs => Press 1 on remote
0 = All
1 = DVD SL (single layer [silver])
2 = CD
3 = DVD DL (double layer [gold/bronze])
4 = SACD
. Select disc type 0-4 on remote
. Insert correct disc when tray opens => Press enter
. Calibrate for each type of disc

...and still got an error message [no disc, abort] for all discs. All I hear is "tap, tap, tap, tap/drag" - That last drag sounds like a playing card against a bike spoke.

As indicated under "troubleshooting" in the owner's manual, I have left the unit on for a week in case it was due to humidity buildup. I have also removed the cover and wiped off the laser "eye" with a soft cloth and a little glass cleaner - There was no visible dust/dirt and the machine looks clean inside. The disc player is turning and lifting, as indicated.

Short of tossing it, what is my next step? The unit is just not reading discs.

my dvd works after I have recorded most shows Its just acouple Dvds that come up saying empty disc Did I do something wrong or is that show not sppose to be recorded? The dvd is not that old its a magnavox player recorder

Same problem,but my DVD will play and then poof no movie.



Alex m said: I had a dvd lens replaced coz it used to spin very well but could read any disc! Help me


that's my situation now: I sorted out the 'No disc' / no spindle motor action problem, but the lens won't make use of the info on the dvd and the spinnining goes on with no pictures appearing on the tv.


I have an old Wharfdale DVD player. Its been a very reliable player. Recently it says no disc when a disc is in the tray, it spins but doesn't play unless I eject and close the tray about 30 or 40 times. Then it plays no problem. What can I do to fix it as it's age means it'll cost more than its worth in a repair shop.

my mitashi dvd player (Strom) not getting on



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