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  • Reply to: RCA tv forgotten parental code   2 days 7 hours ago
    I forgot the parental password on my RCA 40" LED TV.  I tried to unlock the code by pressing the volume + and channel + button on the TV at the same time, but nothing happen.  Can some help me?  Model # 40G45RQ.  Thanks.
  • Reply to: Mitsubishi WS-65711 HDTV Green Blinking Light   1 week 3 days ago
    Hi all! We have a Mitsubishi WD-82738 TV that has sound but no picture. When we turn it on, it makes the normal click noise, lamp turns on, fans work, normal green light on the front, etc. Prior to this issue we replaced the lamp(after the original began to fade) with an original Mitsubishi lamp. It was fine for a week or so, but then the screen started to flicker after being on for a short time. We then replaced the lamp(no help) so then we replaced the Color Wheel, DMD Board, Power Supply Board, and now we have no blinking error codes, sound is back, but just a lit black screen with a faint white spot.   Can anyone please help?!? At this point we're not sure what else to do. Open for any suggestions. Thanks in advance!!  Lynn & JR
  • Reply to: Question about connecting a portable dvd player to a tv   1 week 5 days ago
    I have a Sylvania SDVD1032 10.1" swivel screen portable DVD player.  I want to play dvds through a TV.  I have a cable that plugs into the AV OUT port and splits into three female plugs (Red, White, Yellow) Nothing works.  When I plug that cable into the player it goes on playing.  When I connect it to a cable connected to the TV I get "No Signal".  I tried reversing the process to play a dvd from anther player but that didn't go well either.  the Mode button switched it to import but all I got was buzzing, no picture.  It was a mess. I want the first case though.  I don't understand the results I am getting. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Reply to: Mitsubishi WS-65813 Blinking Green Light   2 weeks 4 hours ago
    Hi,  I have a Mitsubish LT-46164. The green light started blinking and will not stop. I have tried disconnecting and shutting off the power for up to a week at a time.  I have taken the back off of the tv off and when I plug the power cord in I see a single red flashing light in a circuit board which is located on the upper part of the TV just right of the center line of the TV. There is a metal cover over the board. That is the only activity within the tv. The light flashes at a constant continuous rate. The ON light in the front of the tv continues to flash green.  I took the cover off the board and do not see any swollen capacitors.  Can you provide some info / direction.  My email is Thank you. 

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