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I love my little Roku box. The Roku Digital Media Player ($99, Amazon), which began life as the...

How to Play an iPod or Similar MP3 Player Through a Stereo

Connecting your iPod or other MP3 player to your home stereo gives you flexibility of not only finding songs and albums quickly and easily to play, but also allows you to play your favorite playlists through your stereo too!

All you need to hook it up to your stereo is a 1/8" to RCA connector cable that can be found at any electronics store. Set up is simple:

  1. Plug the single 1/8" plug into the headphone (or line out) jack on the MP3 player.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Cell Phones

As many of you can surely understand, I can't live without my cell phone. I seem to be on it at least a couple of hours a day for business, pleasure, or to just kill time while I'm in the car. It has gotten to the point that if I forget it when I leave, I feel as if I'm lost. Much like the ATM had a major impact on where and when we got money, cell phones have certainly changed where and when we communicate with each other.

How To Play an iPod or Other Portable MP3 Player Through a Car Stereo

Are you tired of lugging around those CDs back and forth to your car to listen to your favorite music while you drive? Do you get upset when you are in the mood for a certain CD only to find that you left it at home? If you own a portable MP3 player, one way to get a variety of music in your car is to hook it up to play through your car stereo.



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