Mitsubishi WS-65807 Convergence Problems

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Mitsubishi WS-65807 Convergence Problems

My wide screen television is having convergence problems.  When I go to the convergence screen I am unable to adjust the colors.  I have no idea what my next step should be.  Do you have any suggestions for me? 

Larry Dillon
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This model is not a wide

This model is not a wide screen but a big screen TV set. You have a common problem with your TV set. You need to replace the STK convergence IC's. Not really a hard job to do, but you do need to know and understand how to solder on solid state printed circuit boards. If you do not know how to solder on printed circuit boards, my best advice would be to call in a pro to assist you in this replacement and repair of this TV set. Good Luck.


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