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Slingbox + TiVo: More Uses Than Just Watching Recorded Shows

I should begin with a brief introduction: I have been a DirecTV + TiVo user for well over a year.

PodCapsule #4 - Getting More From Your DVR

DVRs have made recording TV shows easier than ever, but are you getting the most from your TiVo, replay, or other DVR? Listen to this PodCapsule and learn how to get a phone or internet to your recorder from somewhere else in the home, whether or not your TiVo is spying on you, a way to always see the end of the big game, the inside scoop on upgrading your TiVo with special guest Lou Jacob, an early gadget adopters opinion of Akimbo, and more.

-hosted by Matt Whitlock

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Is HD-DVD the Next Generation For Movies? Maybe, Maybe Not

First Impressions of Akimbo

First 1080p DVD player?

Seems like the Marantz DV9600 DVD player is the first to deliver 1080p high definition video signal. There are a few HD projectors on the market that could make a good team with this one like Fujitsu LPF-D711 ( The Marantz player also converts the DVD standard images into 720p and 1080(i or p; doesn't say) HD quality which is pretty interesting.
Only 2100$ (ouch!)
All the specs are here:



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