Televisions and Projectors

DLP Rear-Projection

Available sizes: 42" - 67"


Black level - Currently sports better black levels than LCD.
Smoothness - DLP offers a smooth picture due to the smaller pixel gap.


Video noise - Random sparkles in darker areas of the screen.
Possible rainbow effect - Moving your eyes quickly may cause you to see a rainbow of color

LCoS (and variants) Rear-Projection

Available screen sizes: 52" - 82"


Smooth picture - Due to the very small pixel gap, the images are smooth as glass
High resolutions - Many options are available at 1080x1920


Price - These sets tend to be more expensive than DLP and LCD options
Black Level - Many LCoS sets don't handle blacks as well as DLP or LCD

Plasma Display Panels

Available sizes: 32" - 76"


Black levels - Plasma displays typically have better black levels than LCD displays
Size - Though LCD displays are emerging at larger sizes, the current max is around 45"
Value per inch - Plasma offers a better value for your dollar at larger sizes


LCD Flat Panel TVs

Available sizes: 10" - 45"


Solid image - The image on an LCD flat panel is rock solid
No burn in - LCD displays are essentially immune to burn-in


Price - The price for larger LCD TVs is extremely high
Viewing angles - Many flat panel LCDs are difficult to see at wide angles

What To Do When Your DVD/HDTV Image is Reddish/Bluish

Many who bring home and connect a new DVD player or HDTV box get frustrated when they find that the image is often red or blue in color. While fiddling with the TV controls makes sense in these situations, this is rarely the problem with these types of devices.



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