Televisions and Projectors

LCD Flat Panel TVs

Available sizes: 10" - 45"


Solid image - The image on an LCD flat panel is rock solid
No burn in - LCD displays are essentially immune to burn-in


Price - The price for larger LCD TVs is extremely high
Viewing angles - Many flat panel LCDs are difficult to see at wide angles

What To Do When Your DVD/HDTV Image is Reddish/Bluish

Many who bring home and connect a new DVD player or HDTV box get frustrated when they find that the image is often red or blue in color. While fiddling with the TV controls makes sense in these situations, this is rarely the problem with these types of devices.

Blinking Power Light On Front of TV

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Using your big screen or other TV's instead of computer monitor

CRT Televisions are Still the Best

Home theater enthusiasts and videophiles are getting nervous these days. As more modern technologies take over the video world, certain sacrifices are being made. All current fixed pixel displays have attributes that make these displays look no better than the traditional CRT, and in many ways, even worse.



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