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Early Gadget Adopter - What's That?

I have worked hard for more than 10 years to earn the title of early gadget adopter and now I wear the badge with pride. It's not an easy reputation to establish and the path is often littered with bad purchasing decisions. I still cringe when I think of the color Pronto (touch screen remote control), the Palm VII, or the 38" HD DirecTV tube TV! I'd like to think those just help build character.

Matt Whitlock's 2005 CES Impressions and Top 10 Favorite Products

CES has become not only an event in recent years, but a spectacle within itself. The entire Las Vegas Convention Center is filled with enough electronic gadgets and gizmos to make any electronic enthusiast feel like a kid in a candy store.

CE manufacturers use whatever tactic they can to impress the endless stream of visitors that walk by their booths. Some bring in live musicians, use famous celebrities, build monstrous exhibits, and anything else they can think of to attract visitors.

Steven Jones' Top Ten List from CES 2005

After getting over the rush of trying to visit over 2500 exhibitors and the exhaustion of walking what felt like the length of the Grand Canyon in 2 days, I am finally able to gather my thoughts and compile my top ten list.

Top Ten Favorite Gadgets from CES 2005

Please note that these are my favorites for a wide variety of reasons as explained below. They are not necessarily the best devices.

Inside the 2005 International CES

About CES

Standing In The Dust of Technology

As consumer electronic devices continue to infiltrate every facet of our lives, it isn't surprising to see individuals and corporations trying to capitalize on its success. One way to capitalize is by releasing great products that people like you and me want to buy. Another way is to try to introduce newer technologies that make these products better. Either way, we win.



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