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Sony Camcorder Not Recognizing CD-R

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I own a Canon S1 IS Digital Camera

Use a Camera's Delay Timer to Include Yourself in the Picture Too

If you thought the only way you can get in the picture is by asking a nice stranger nearby to take it for you, think again. Most film and digital cameras offer a delay mode, which delays when the picture is taken. This delay (usually 10 seconds) allows ample time to get yourself into the image before the picture is taken.

To make this happen:

Trouble Transferring Pictures From Camera to Computer

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Can I Print a Single Frame From a Video On My Digital Camera?

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Can I print a single frame from a video on my digital camera? If so, how do I do it?

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There is no way I'm familiar with to print a single frame of video directly from a digital camera. However, with a little aid from a computer, it is possible.

How Do I Connect a HI8 Camcorder to My TV

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