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Getting Started with an Audiovox MP3 Player

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I just bought my daughter an MP3 player, and I guess I'm dumb, lol, but I just dont understand how to download the music onto the thing. It came with a CD, but its only for windows 98 and 98SE, and i have XP.....I just need someone to maybe explain in easier terms how to begin downloading music. The instructions are not too clear on how to begin. Thanks to anyone who can help.

it's a 128 MB MP3/WMA Audiovox SMP3-330-128s

Remove a Jammed Tape from TV/VCR combo

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My daughter has a 13" Emerson combo tv/vcr it shuts its self off after a few seconds is there any thing I can do, its not worth spending the money to fix it. If not how can I get the tape out of the vcr without it working.

-submitted by Ken

Expanding Your Outlets on a Surge Protector

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If I plug in an extension cord with multiple outlets into my surge protector, will components that I plug into the extension cord still be protected even though they are not directly plugged into the surge protector?

-Submitted by Ron 

Disable the Dealer Lock on a Koss DVD Player

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Send Audio & Video Signals Across the Room Without Wires

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We have a great 36" Panasonic HDTV on one side of our family room and a great Onkyo receiver on the other side. We want to play the audio of our TV through the stereo. How can I connect the 2 without tearing up our wall to install new wires?

We tried a US Robotics Soundlink, but there is a great amount of background static in the audio. Do you have another suggestion?

Dave Hirsch



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