Vizio app issues Netflix and firmware updates

I am hoping some one has experience with troubleshooting Vizio TVs. I have a Vizio SV422XVT. This model has the apps available and I am able to use most of the apps that access the internet with the exception of Netflix. We bought our TV two years ago and right away could not use Netflix. We called Vizio who told us to call Netflix, who told us to call the company who makes our router. Needless to say the issue was never fixed. After talking to the router company we called Vizio back who told us to just keep checking the app to see if Netflix fixed the issue. We did just that however nothing ever changed. After reading that new apps including Hulu have been added to Vizio, we noticed that we did not have any of the new ones listed in our widget bar, I begin to research why we weren't receiving the new apps which led me back to the original Netflix problem. Tonight I chatted online with a Vizio Rep who ran me through a few things. She asked for


Serial Number:

Software Version:




I gave her all but the serial number because it was listed as Unknown in the system info menu. She told me I could find it on the back of the TV so I typed it in for her. She then asked me to to perform a clean storage on the TV. Which consisted of entering a special code on the remote which brought up a special menu that gave me the option to “Clean Storage”, I did and was told to restart the TV and go through the set up process. Once I completed all of these steps she asked me to go back into system info and see if the serial number was still listed as “Unknown” and if the Reg was still showing NO. Neither had changed from their original status. When I told the Rep that she said “ Based off of the information that you've provided you would need to have the TV repaired. Since you are no longer within your manufacturer’s warranty it would be your decision where you would like to take the TV to have it repaired...” I asked why it needed to be repaired and she said “The reason your TV isn't working correctly is because your serial number is not listed. Which would mean that there is something wrong with the wireless card in the TV.” I told her that I didn’t understand since every other app which connected to the internet worked properly. She said “Yes, I understand that. But your TV is not able to receive updates (which are sent to your TV through it's connection to the internet) because your TV's serial number is not recognized. That is why your REG is also NO. What this means is that your device can not access our servers and without it being able to do that, you are not able to establish your connection to receive the update to resolve the issue with your Netflix app.” Frustrated I asked if she was able to check with management on whether they would be willing to fix the issue since we called ( they have a file and a case number) two years ago and had been told it wasn't a Visio issue. Since clearly as it turns out it is/was a Vizio issue would they be willing to repair the TV as though it were still under warranty. She said she would check and get back to me in the next 24 hours. All of this brings me to my questions. First, since my TV as the capability to connect both through ethernet as well as wirelessly shouldn't wiring in my TV bypass the “wireless card” issue? Second, if I am missing something, and the wireless card is in fact the only way for Vizio customers to download their updates or utilize the Netflix app, would a usb wireless adapter work to connect the TV to the internet?

Appreciate any help with this issue.


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