Mitsubishi WD62725 GLOD

I woke up about 2 weeks ago with the red status light blinking slowly. I reset the TV from the front panel & now have the Green Blinking Light of Death (GLOD). So here's what I've done to no avail so far. Changed out 4 x 1000mF capacitors (with 35 V ones) on FMT board (all were bulged & bad), then changed out 4 x 1000mF capacitors on DM board (2 were good & 2 were open), then changed out 4 x 1000mF bulged capacitors on Power board. No change...still had GLOD. I tried the trick of putting a switch into the orange wire of the FMT board....plugged in TV, waited for green light to quit blinking which it did, then switched on orange wire, waited 15+ seconds, hit Power, the TV acted like it was going to start up, then heard a click, and the status light started blinking red (1 long & 3 short) which supposedly indicates a DMD or Lamp Fan Stopped failure. I've repeated this sequence several times with the same results. I then checked the error codes with the Device & Menu buttons which indicated a 37 (Engine (DMD or Lamp) Fan failure).....I'm at my wits end!! I'm thinking of replacing the entire chassis & starting over. I priced out the individual boards at a total of $1342!. I can supposedly do an exchange order with Union Electronics Distributors (anyone know of them in Illinois) for net $300 ($600 for the chassis less a $300 core exchange). Any thought or ideas?

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I think I have the same

I think I have the same problem. I think when the red light goes on, the bulb went out. This happened to me and sure enough, the bulb had cracked. I ordered another and replaced it. Now the set will power up, but I only get snow and then it will turn off after about one minute with the flashing green light.
I don't know what to do first. I have read dozens of posts and it could be anything from another bad bulb to all of the capacitors gone bad.
I'll be watching if you get any help.
Here is my email address so we can share info. I live in Eugene, Oregon

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Maybe you didn't see my

Maybe you didn't see my posting after the one above so here it is again.

Well after my last blog, I decided to check into the status of the DMD fan (fed by FN2 off of the PWB-Power board) and the Lamp fan (fed by FN1 off of the PWB-Power board). I did notice that the rear cover fan was attempting to spin right before everything shut down, so I at least know it was working although I took it off the back cover & cleaned it. Then on to the DMD Fan...I removed the DMD fan cover (see pages 14-15 of the V26 Service Manual) and I noticed an ENORMOUS amount of dust on the fan & the cooling fins behind it to the point where I couldn't even hardly move the fan blades by hand. I removed the fan (4 screws) and cleaned it up along with getting the dust out of the cooling fins.....guess what, I went back through the process of TV startup (I DID have to use the switch on the FC orange wire line out of the FMT), but lo & behold, the FREAKIN TV NOW WORKS!!! The dust must have been causing a load on the DMD fan circuit such that it was shutting everything down. These TVs are notorious for pulling dust into everything inside the TV, so I'd suggest cleaning all of the dust off the fans, etc while you have it broke down. Now back to reassembly of everything...UUUGGGHHHH!

Many thanks to Paul de Serres for all of the helpful info on getting this fixed. Now let's see how long it lasts....or maybe I should get rid of it while it's still running & buy another brand of LCD or LED?!?!?!

PS- I think I was out about $30 in parts (including solder & desoldering tool) by the time this was all over with. My time.....priceless, but in all honesty, I spent about 16 hours between the disassebly, troubleshooting, removal & installation of the caps, etc.


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