32" RCA digital TV

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32" RCA digital TV

I have a 32" RCA CRT TV model #32v434t. Only had it for 1a year and a half and it just stopped working. The screen went blank and the red light on the front would blink on and off for a while then stop. I took it to my cousing who fixes TV's as a hobby and found that the Flyback transistor and the Horizontal output transister were bad so we replaced them. We turned it on and the screen came on but after 20-30 seconds it shut off again. I am able to open up a menu but before I can do anything it shuts off. This is a SDTV. Does it have to be digitally reprogramed? My cousin only has an analog tuner but not the one for digital T.V.'s. There's obviously something that isn't right and it's telling the processor to turn off. Any ideas?


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