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PC dvd player

i have a PC and i am trying to play a movie on it . it is dvd compatible but the movie is breaking up on the screen and also the audio is skipping as well. it worked fine in the begining but now it's giving me this problem. i changed the sound blaster card thinking it was the sound card but it's still giving me the same problem. so i tried changing the hard drive because i did a check up and it was telling me that i had 2 sectors bad. now it has a new hard drive and a new sound card and still the same problem. i just tried changing all the power bands and cables to see if maybe a connection was bad but the problem is still here. what i dont get is that i play music cd's on it and they play perfect. why is it that the movies are not playing the same way? to top things off i even put in a new dvd player and i'm still having the same problem. is there anyone out there that may know what the problem could be and how i can correct it? if so please help me!

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sounds like the DVD is

sounds like the DVD is scratched. Try different DVD's? When you changed the hard drive, you had to reinstall Windows, right? The only other thing would be to change/ add RAM or see if the processor is old/failing.


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