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Hi guys, so i have a 55" led

Hi guys, so i have a 55" led mitsubishi tv and oddly enought it doesnt have a vga port... So i got a vga to hdmi cable and i plugged it in and nothing happens. Iv tried hooking a brand new lap top to it and still nothing. Went into the display on the computer and couldnt find anything and same with the tv.. I cant seem to get any answers from mitsubishi either.. Can sombody help me out? Oh im running windows xp the tower is a dell.. Idk if that matters lol

Ketaki More
I tried the Control Panel->

I tried the Control Panel-> Hardware and Sounds solution but it still din't work for me. But then this is how I got it fixed.
At the bottom right open Sounds options. You will see Speaker/Headphones under devices. Click on the drop down and select the high definition device and set it to default. It fixed the problem immediately. You can set your speakers/headphones to default after you are done.

Ketaki More
I got this one fixed on my

I got this one fixed on my machine. Right click on the Sounds icon and under devices you will see Speakers/Headphones. If you have connected your PC with the laptop you will be able to see a drop down icon under devices. Select the High Definition Audio Device and set is as default. This fixed my issue. Later you can set it back to Speaker/Headphones

HI, CAN you help me with my

HI, CAN you help me with my problem, i have a tv bravia sony and my netbook acer windows 8> my problem is when i connect my pc to my tv using hdmi connection i heard only audio there is no video appear on my tv? please help me...thanks you so much!



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