how to make a MP3 CD

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how to make a MP3 CD

I may have not been clear enough in my first request for help. I have ripped music from store bought CDs using Windows Media Player. I then used a program called Bonkenc audio encoder to save them in MP3 format. I want to now transfer them to a CD in MP3 format so I can cram as much as possible on it and then play the CD in my trucks radio. I was told that this could be done and to save the music I am burning to CD as data, not audio. If I save it as audio I can only get 15 or so songs on a CD, as data I can get 100+ songs on CD. I am using a CDR disc and it plays on my computer but not in my trucks radio. What am I missing? Thanks

You need to create it in

You need to create it in audio format to be able to play it in your truck. Most (especially stock stereos) cd players in autos will only read an audio cd and can not read data cds. Another thing you could do is purchase an MP3 player and fm transmitter that will broadcast a signal to your car stereo. This is the way I listen to my audio files in my truck and it works perfectly. Here's a link to the transmitter I use with my Creative player:

Griffin iTrip Auto Universal FM Transmitter

This one also will charge your player as you use it. They also have ones for an iPod if thats the player that you choose as a purchase.

you have to make sure your

you have to make sure your stock stereo plays MP3 format. Also if you are using Windows Media Player, there is no need to use Bonkec to encode them. Just open the Media Player, click on the Tools, Than Click Options, A pop up window should open, Than click on the Rip Music Tab. Half way down the window you should see Format: with a Drop down tap under it. Than just change it to MP3. SO now the cds rip in mp3. So if your stereo plays mp3, just burn it as a data disc


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