How to remove all downloaded music from Samsung MP3

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How to remove all downloaded music from Samsung MP3

I really need help in cleaning out all of my downloaded music to my MP3.  I have zero memory (0.00 MB) and I'm really tired of listening to the present selections. Cry  Thanks

Peter Redmer
Well, it really depends on

Well, it really depends on which model Samsung that you have.  I don't have a lot of experience with Samsung branded MP3 players, but I have played with a lot of different brands, and do own a Samsung Yepp player as well.

With the pint-sized Yepp that I own, it's easy to delete music - all I do is plug it in to the USB port, and it's mounted in my computer just like a hard drive.  Then I can navigate to it, delete files, drag and drop, etc.

Some MP3 players have proprietary software that you must use to add or delete files.  My Rio Karma was this way.  If the Samsung model you have is experiencing that problem, then you'll need to look up the user manual for your model, and perhaps download the software you need to use. 

Hope this was helpful, and best of luck to you! 


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