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Router for home

Hi, I need a very fast cable modem with a built in router for my house. I currently have a netgear CG814WG v2 router and it is horrible. The most I can spent is about 70 dollars. Any suggestions help. Thanks,

Matt Whitlock
In the end you'll have a lot

In the end you'll have a lot more choice if you separate the cable modem from the router. I'd recommend figuring out if there's a way you can do that, but with a budget of 70 bucks that might be challenging.  The benefit though is then you can upgrade your home network router from a much bigger pool of options without having to worry about replacing the modem all the time.

It may be possible to disable the router portion of your existing product and use a secondary router to manage the network. You'll have to look in the router setup to see what's available to you.

On that note though, I've always had pretty good luck with NETGEAR routers. What's the trouble you're having? Maybe there's some tweaking we can do... 


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