Samsung Digimax L85 DOA

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Samsung Digimax L85 DOA

Any inpurt on  how should I proceed?  Around Thanksgiving I purchaced a new Samsung Digimax L85.  I charged the battery for 8+ hours and when I pressed the power on button nothing happened.  It was one of those purchases where you are informed by a sticker on the box that if there is a problem it cannot be returned to the place of purchase and an 800 number for Samsung was given .  To make a long story short it was at the Samsung repair center with the battery on Dec 5th and returned to me on Dec 20th without a battery.  The repair order stated that the PCB was defective and had to be replaced.  Since the battery was not returned I had to purchase another.  Nothing local so I had to purchase on line.   I received a new battery on Dec30th and proceeded to charge it.  After charging the battery I now had a camera that did not work in a different way.  Now the camera tries to turn on but will not stay on.  The LCD light up for a split second, the lens extends and then everything stops.  I still cannot get the lens to retract but the LCD does flash on and off for a split second.  The battery check out at 3.9V.  Has this happened to anyone else?

My question is should I try to get a replacement from where I purchased it or should I keep returning the camera to Samsung.  At some point it will be a referbished camera and not a new camera that I thought I was purchasing.  Note:  I had to pay for shipping to the repair center.  Losing proposition if this keeps up.   

Thanks - TRoof 

Joseph Ahern
Where exactly did you

Where exactly did you purchase it? Many companies put those "Do not return to store" labels on their products simply because its cheaper for them to repair in most cases. Try returning it, regardless of what the sticker says, explain to them that it didn't work out of box. If not send it into Samsung, if they truly know how to help a customer they won't send you a faulty camera the second time. Who knows though, just make sure you aren't paying more in repair than the camera is actually worth. There has to be a lemon law in effect so like I said, try returning it once.

Chris Miller
Agreed.  It's definitely

Agreed.  It's definitely worth trying to return it to the retailer first.  Regardless of what the sticker says, a retailer should take back a DOA if you return it quickly enough.

Thanks for the replies Joseph

Thanks for the replies Joseph and Chris. 

I will be trying to deal with the retailer. Unfortuantly I live 200+ miles from where I purchaced the camera.  Everything will have to done via phone and post office.  The other problem will be the fact that I have already sent it once to Samsung for repairs.  I kinda know how that one will play out.  Sorry but..............

Thanks for the imput,



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