How to disable the child lock on a magnavox 27" tv without a remote

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How to disable the child lock on a magnavox 27" tv without a remote

If You don`t have your remote for your tv and the child lock is on you donot have control of any of the buttons of the front of the set. You can not get into the menu. Is there a why to disable the lock without a remote.

Larry Dillon
No, I 'm afraid not my friend

No, I 'm afraid not my friend.  Maybe you have a friend or someone you know who has a Philips or Magnavox remote control so you can unlock your set.

Philips and Magnavox:

Philips sets use a four digit code to control the v-chip. The override code for Philip sets is 0711, although it may say "Incorrect code" the first time to trick you. If "Incorrect code" is displayed, simply enter 0711 again. To use it hit the MENU key to get to the menus. Go up or down until you reach AUTOLOCK or SMARTLOCK, depending on the model, and push the "right arrow" key on the remote. Enter the override code, and enter it a second time if it says it is incorrect.

Good luck and let us know how this turns out for you.

We had the same problem with

We had the same problem with our TV. No remote. Universal remote wouldn't work. Could not turn it on. We used our Directv remote. We got the idea from another guy that said he was able to fix it with his Comcast remote. We went through the programming codes for Magnavox 1 by 1 until we got to 10706. We were able to turn the set on, access the menu, scrolled down to CHILD LOCK, ****this is not the same as PARENTAL CONTROLS****, and simply turned the CHILD LOCK off by using the arrow button on the remote. If you are trying to unlock the Parental Controls, the universal PIN is 0711. It will come up as "Incorrect Code" the first time, but enter it again to disable Parental Controls. Hope this helps.

Ross Johnson
Hi i am having a similar

Hi i am having a similar issues son was playing with the tv and press the child lock button and i dont have the remote either and its not turning on the panel. Help please if you can


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