ethernet card help.

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ethernet card help.

 im currently running a linksys lne100tx fast ethernet card. but when i updated my old 4meg cable broadband to 10meg im finding that my ethernet card will still only run at 4meg ive changed settings for the card and re-tested with no changes does anyone know if this card should support a 10meg connection or not.

if not what pci ethernet card will and whats the best card i should buy.

many thanx 

Matt Whitlock
The network card you have is

The network card you have is a 100Mb per second interface, and your cable download speed is 10Mb per second. There's more than enough bandwidth to handle your cable line.

When you say your card will only run at 4 meg, how are you determining that? What are you using as your indicator?

 sorry ive been testing by

 sorry ive been testing by downloading large files from local servers also ran speed tests online.

thanx for quick responce. 

Matt Whitlock
Theoretically, you should be

Theoretically, you should be able to download local files from machines on your network at a rate of 12.5MB per second, though its unlikely you'll max out the interface... there's always overhead and other things that will slow stuff down. Plus, transferring many smaller files will be slower than one larger file. A local transfer speed of 6MB to 8MB per second (48mbps to 64mbps) is pretty good for a 100Mb network. If you want faster than that, you'll need to upgrade your network to Gigabit speeds, which will require new switches and network cards.

For the speed tests, try a variety of servers. However, if you just upgraded, the cable company may not have made the change to your account yet. Try testing it again after your next billing cycle, or call them and find out what the deal is. 

thank you matt for your help

thank you matt for your help but my problem even seems to have my broadband service providers tec team scratching heads.

ive done every thing asked of me by my isp with no luck has yet.

getting a return call from tec team monday so fingers crossed.


thanx again mattLaughing



What are you using to get

What are you using to get your throughput numbers?  Just because the interface is capable of handling 100mb doesn't mean that the sending unit can send that much spoecifically to you.  If you expect that type of transfer speed, only a dedicated server with essentially a point to point connection will work.  It is most likely the case that the server is also transmitting packets to other addresses along with yours.  Also, some of the packets will likely be routed through other server points.  Once the packets are received, they must be placed back in the correct order and then copied to the local drive or program.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes that will appear as a slow connection.  I could go on for pages on the format of the packets and the ratio of routing information and packet ID info as well as the actual data contained in these packets.




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