External Video Capture Device

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External Video Capture Device

I am looking to capture VHS movies from a JVC GR AXM710U camcorder to a PC. All the external video capture devices that I have looked at use an S-Video or Composite Video Connection. My camcorder only has a 1 video output connection and 1 audio output connection.

 Is anyone aware of an external video capture device that will accomodate this type of output connection?


Matt Whitlock
I'd be willing to bet that

I'd be willing to bet that the video output of your camcorder is a composte video output connection. You should be able to connect it to any video capture device with a similar input. For audio, if you only have 1 RCA connection, it means that your camcorder only records mono sound, this is also very common. You can pick up a 1 female to 2 male RCA Y adapter from radio shack to utilize both channels of audio. 


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