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Thanks for the manual mathelm

Thanks for the manual mathelm I appreciate your time.

No problem, just don't forget

No problem, just don't forget the "Do Not Adjust Before Repair Rule" on page 9 of this thread.

Larry Dillon
Most people think they can

Most people think they can adjust out this problem. I have seen it and heard it a thousand times. Then after they replace the IC, "What do I do now!"

Yea, when you start adjusting
Yea, when you start adjusting, you move one grid up and to the right and the whole other side of the screen goes down and to the left.  Then if you move one too far, the whole screen goes berserk, and then you try going back the other way and it doesn't... unberserk itself.  So then you have to kind of feel your way to try and get it untangled.
It reminds me of my old computer repair days.  A customer would set their screen to a frequency or size that their monitor wouldn't support.  Now days windows will reset it after 15 seconds it you don't click the ok button, but back then you were just blind.  It use to amaze them when I would just start typing on the keyboard and be able to reset their screen resolution without being able to see what I was doing.  They never seemed to mind the $150 emergency call bill on that one.
Point being, don't be afraid to adjust it, but only if you have to.
I'm not skilled enough to fix

I'm not skilled enough to fix this myself, but have someone who can.  Could someone please send me a copy of the manual.  I have already downloaded Pando.  [email protected].  Thanks,

Sorry, a manual for the Sony

Sorry, a manual for the Sony KP - 51WS510.



btw... leave the period off the end of your email when you type it.... 

Same story different person. 

Same story different person.  Mathelm please send me a copy of the repair manual as well.  It appears that from all the blogs on this related issue that i am having the same problem.  Or if anyone else has the repair manual i will be happy to get it! I have just downloaded the pando as instructed on a previous tread. email: [email protected]     Much Thanks David

know anyone in the Wichita,

know anyone in the Wichita, KS area you trust to install ic's in a Sony sony KP-51WS510?

I was going to make a youtube

I was going to make a youtube video but this one covers it preaty well.

You can do it. The hardest part is getting the board out.

Removing the IC's isn't bad, mostly because you don't have to worry about hurting them. I personally don't use solder removers like "suckers" or copper brad. I heat the prongs and remove them one at a time either with a pair of needle nose pliers or most anything I can get a hold of them with. I then us a auger ( looks like a screw driver with a point like a pin instead of a flat head ) along with the soldering iron to poke holes back through the solder holes. This way I need to add almost no extra solder during the reinstall of the IC prongs. You just go through and touch the individual prongs ( from the bottom of the board) one at a time.  Until you have them all removed.  Take your time and fit the new IC prongs into the holes you made with the auger.  While holding the new IC in place, touch your iron to a couple of the prongs ( once again, from the under side of the board), enough to hold it in place, then take your time and solder each prong.  I do have the tiny roll of solder handy, because you will almost always need some, and remember, a tiny dab will do ya. Make sure your solder joints aren't touching, if they are use whichever method you like to remove the extra solder ( copper brad would probably be the easiest and cheapest way). Reinstall your board and enjoy.
F.Y.I. Take lots of pictures of the board and inside the TV before you remove it. Especially of all the different connections. This will help with during the reinstall.
Also don't forget your new heat compound for the heat sinks... 
Wow.  You are certianly going

Wow.  You are certianly going over and above to help me.  Unfortunately, I have none of the tools described in the video.  And honestly, that's the first lesson in soldering I've ever seen.  But it is very helpful, and has given me the knowledge, along with the other comments on this board, to help me know what needs to happen to repair the set. 

 Thanks so everyone.  This has been extremely helpful

Larry Dillon
mathelm, great video man!

mathelm, great video man! Thanks for the great contribution to techlore. I will for sure need to hand out this video feed to those who are not aware of the soldering techniques.

My KP-65WS510 lost

My KP-65WS510 lost convergence last week, and I've been lurking here since then.  I tried going to Sears Parts Direct for the complete D board that they said was in stock.  Three days later I checked the shipping status, and they said my order was cancelled.  Looking at the problems people here have had shipping the D board for repair, I figured maybe I'd be better off trying to do my own repairs.

So last night I unsoldered the STK392-560 chips (wasn't as bad as I feared, using solder wick and a 30W iron), and I'm getting ready to order replacements.  I couldn't find the chips here in Oklahoma City, so I'll have to go online.  I did find a bad 5A picofuse on the G board, and got a replacement for that here in town.  All the resistors and picofuses on the D board checed out okay.

So thanks to this forum and the good people here, I hope to have my set back online in a few days, and not have to spend big bucks on a new 65" for the big room.

Larry Dillon
Thanks for the update and yes

Thanks for the update and yes let us know how this turns out.

Another thing - all the heat

Another thing - all the heat sink compound on the chips and the heat sinks was very dry when I removed the chips. Did that cause the chips to fail? Do I need to remove the old dry compound or just add new compound and screw down the chips over the dry stuff?  How long should heat sink compound stay pliable? I'd like to know so maybe I could do some preventive maintenance and avoid another failure.

Larry Dillon
Scrape off the old and on

Scrape off the old and on with the new. Age and heat dries out the compound. I have in the past, installed a small 12 volt computer fan with a 6 volt DC adaptor to run at half speed all the time. Draws very little power and also makes no noise.

Wow, someone actually read

Wow, someone actually read the whole thread.  I have to say, I am impressed. Cool

Along with what Larry said, I think a good cleaning every once and a while will go a long way also.

i am assuming that the

i am assuming that the convergence is out on my kp-51ws510,judging from all the info i have gathered here. i would also greatly appreciate a manual be sent to me at my e-mail address:[email protected]. thank you in advance, duncman.

Done, but once again, please

Done, but once again, please leave out the periods and what not around your email address.  I like to cut n paste here, and my eyes aren't what they use to be...

Larry Dillon
mathelm, techlore has just

mathelm, techlore has just started a new free service so we do not have to send out these manuals as we do really appreciate all the assistance you have provided. If you like, you can simply send folks to HERE to download a service manual for a Sony. I have not yet completed the full Sony upload for the service manuals. Once we get a little mot=re organized, hopefully we can get and upload many different manufacturers. So, if you wish to get rid of the pando thing, you can simply paste the download URL for people. Thanks again for the assist.



But I didn't get a email telling me there was a new post.... 

my ic's just went out in mine

my ic's just went out in mine too . my red will not line up .  what kind of soldering gun and solder  will i need to do this project with ive only had experiance solderind standerd 16 gauge wire and rc cars  but never any thing this small .  ive go my d board (a-1302-180-a)  out of my set and now i just need a little guidence .

what all has to be done after i replace the ic's as far as re-alighning the picture ?

the reason i ask is because i talked to a local tv repair man and he told me i would spend all day re-alighning the picture . i thought all you had to do was line the crosses up and hit flash focus .

 if anyone can help me through this i would be very greatfull.


Nothing special on the solder

Nothing special on the solder iron, a standard tip will do. If you do it the way I described above you won't need any solder, but get the smallest you can find (Think Radio Shack not Lowes). Watch the video above also. You'll need some heat compound for the heatsinks. As far as re-alighning the picture, I've done three repairs now and only had to re-alighn the one that some one tried to adjust before replacing the IC's. Larry will know better about this.

Good Luck

Larry Dillon
I am sending you a couple of

I am sending you a couple of links for you to go to and read. I will also send you a link for the convergence alignment. As far as the time it takes to align the convergence. It really would depend on the type and quality of the replacement IC's as well as how much it was played with before you replaced the IC's. I have taken a long time after a set was readjusted because someone though that the service menu would fix their convergence problem but never all day. That sounds like inexperience to me. All IC's are not alike even if they have the same numbers on them. DO NOT GO CHEAP with the IC;s Get original replacements made by Sanyo. Those other IC's even with the same numbers are made in China or are factory rejects. Also do NOT forget to apply new heat sink compound on the new IC's before you replace them. You can use a small low wttage pencil type soldering iron. Be very careful that you do not overheat the solder pads on the ICs and make sure none are short across each other. I am also sending you a link on techlore for a free service manual for your TV set. Good Luck

I appreciate your help.  I'll

I appreciate your help.  I'll keep the convergence info in mind.  I already have the PDF copy of the manual from a friend on another site that had the same problem. 

 I was smart or lucky enough not to have played with the service menu at all.  I'm waiting for chips to arrive.  I didn't go for the least expensive, and I was careful to order the Sanyo brand. 

I did scrape off all of the old dry compound from the heat sinks, and I'll be sure to put a new layer as I screw down the new chips.  I haven't done a lot of soldering in the last 20 years, but I did a lot when I was working as an electronic technician in the '80s. 

I'll let you know how it turns out when I get the chips and put it all back together.

The same with almost everyone

The same with almost everyone on this board I've got a 3.5 year old Sony KP-51WS510.  And the day before the SuperBowl my RED convergence went haywire.  BLUE and GREEN seem right on.  I tried the Flash Focus and manual convergence adjustment but the RED won't budge.

I see all of the requests for manuals and I found the service manual link from one of the posts already. It is missing 30 some odd pages.  Jumps from p.46 - p.81.

The TV is still viewable, the RED just bows out at the 4 corner.  I don't think I'd be able to solder the IC components and would happily just replace the board.  My questions are:

- Do I need to replace both B and D boards?

- Where is the best place to get them?  I called Sears Parts and they had each of them for $98 or so each.

- If I replace the board(s) do I still need the manual to do some fancy resetting?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Rob 

I got tired of waiting for my

I got tired of waiting for my mail-order STK392-560 chips to arrive, so I found a service center in the city that had them for $35/each.  I put them in yesterday, with a good coating of heat-sink compound.  With the chips screwed down to the heat sinks, the pins stuck out from the board at just the right height to solder, so that made it easy.  All the connectors went back in easily.  Sony did a good thing by adding color to the red and blue plugs, to match the labels on the sockets.  I had digital photos of the board before disassembly, but I didn't need to refer back to them.

I turned the set on, and it was perfect.  No further adjustments necessary.  I'd like to thank Larry Dillon and for being here and providing me with all the info I needed to fix the set myself.  I'm sure that I saved $400 over what a tech would have charged.  And, I had some fun getting into the job. :)

Larry Dillon
mdonnelly, your welcome and

mdonnelly, your welcome and thank you for those great words. Glad to hear about your success with your repair.

I have a Sony KP-65ws510 rear

I have a Sony KP-65ws510 rear projection TV. My grren color is bow tieing. The red and blue are aligned properly. I replaced both IC's part STK392- 560 on the D-board. I also check the 2 fuses located on the G- board and they appear to be fine. My picture is still the same. The green is being pulled in at the center on the top and bottom. Also, when I flash focus it stays the same. When I try to adjust the pin chusion for the green color it does not respond as well. Any suggestions?


mathelm said: Need a email...

mathelm said: Need a email....

Dear Sir, Could you please send me a copy of service manual for KP-51WS510 at

[email protected]

My sony just can not do flush focus. The picture is twisted. I tried both flush and convergence. both does not work. Could you tell me what is wrong? What should I replace it?

Thanks in advance.



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