Analogue switch off

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Analogue switch off

Hi all,

Can anyone answer these questions please.

  After the analogue switch off,

  1     If you have a tv with freeview built in, and you want to record

          something while you are out, will you have to leave the tv on,

           as turning the tv off would also turn off the freeview,  then it

          would not record.

   2          As things stand now you can record from terrestial signal

                  while watching a freeview channel, how or will this

             be possible after the switch off.  

                Thanks Ray.Frown

Larry Dillon
In cases like this there

In cases like this there should be a timer setting so the TV as well as the freeview comes on and switches off the same as a VCR or DVD recorder does, you simply set the record time desired and switch the set off or to timer.  Good Luck.

Thanks Larry,

Thanks Larry,

I see see thats the way,

 What about recording one channel while watching another,the media

 never mention this, when they say the switch over will be straight forward

 do they.

  thanks again Ray. 

Larry Dillon
I am not sure if you can do

I am not sure if you can do that, there should be something in the manual about this if the feature is there.  Contact the store where you bought the set.

Thanks Larry,  will do   Ray

Thanks Larry,

 will do   Ray


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