HELP!!! Usb not recognized????

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HELP!!! Usb not recognized????

My daughter rec'd an Audiovox AXM125-256 for Xmas. It's not the greatest, I was going to get her a better one...

I have windows 98se, and my pc is pretty old, hp6645c. She has a web cam, and it installed perfectly in the front usb port no problem

So I downloaded the cd for windows 98 that came with the mp3. I've removed and reinstalled several times.
There was another post in the history with a link to download "Groove" which I did. I have already used "limewire" to download and my default is windows media player. Everytime I try to open, I get device not found or simular.

I've left several messages with their tech dept. and emails, but no one has bothered to help.

I'm hoping someone has an idea?? Is it that my pc is too old and can't do it?


unplug the web cam and put

unplug the web cam and put the mp3 in that usb port and do what ur already doing and it should work


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