Portable GPS navigation unit for car

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spinax ss489
Portable GPS navigation unit for car

There are several brands of portable GPS units for cars, (e.g. rental cars). Who has had experience with good brands, focusing on accuracy of mapping and accuracy of instructions enroute to the destination? 



Matt Whitlock
I'm a big fan of Garmin's

I'm a big fan of Garmin's Nuvi Series for GPS. I find them quick to navigate and select things, fast to draw maps, and pretty good route calculation from point to point. Updates are put out yearly for a somewhat reasonable fee, but it includes a great POI database for all sorts of locations.

TomTom has other options, and while I don't have a lot of experience using them, I know many people who are happy with them.

Anyone else have a GPS system from another brand that they're liking?

I have and like the Delorme

I have and like the Delorme street Atlas USA. It is software and a bluetooth receiver that can be laid on the dash and you use your own laptop or PDA to receive the data and display it. It is not easy to learn, but it has many benefits for the person who wants more than a route to a destination. I like to have a moving map when I drive cross country in my RV. The maps are quickly scalable so you can see what is up ahead of you. Delorme has several other hardware/software combination.

 I am sorry, i don't like GPS

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