DVD player pauses and pauses and pauses

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DVD player pauses and pauses and pauses

I hope someone can help as I'm on my second DVD player. It has a few bad habits. One is that it will just freeze and then play, freeze and then play. I don't think I've ever watched an entire dvd without this happening. I'll try turning it off and sometimes that helps but other times it will just say that it's loading and that's all it will say, loading, loading, loading. And then if I try to eject the disc it won't eject.  Usually after a few hours I can get the disc out. I'm able to watch movies on my computer without incident so I don't think it's the disc. Should I just get a new DVD player and hope that the third one is the charm?

Larry Dillon
If you have tryed to clean

If you have tryed to clean the unit with a lens cleaner, most likly it needs a servo alighnment or has a slider, mechanical or electrical problem.. Most likly a repair would far exceed the price of a new unit. Good Luck and please let us know how you made out.

I know this is an old topic

I know this is an old topic but I saw it and thought I could help. If it's a lower end DVD player (Apex or similar),that may be the problem. Some of the cheaper DVD players actually use a ATA Computer DVD-Rom in them. There is a couple problems with this. The DVD-Roms aren't made to be used in a space that small. They usually overheat. They also tend to use brands that aren't bought by any major PC manufacturers because of the quality of them. If you want a DVD player that will last I suggest paying no less than $50 for it. LG or Panasonic work great. Some people will say the cheaper DVD players are better, but I personally think you get what you pay for.

As a general rule, I would

As a general rule, I would agree that you get what you pay for.  Think about it! The optical assembly is the most costly component of the system.  If you are going to try and keep the costs down, you start with the most costly part.

A good way to determine whether or not a DVD is worth the cost is to look at the warantee.  Many manufacturers exchange the units now.  The repsir cost is too high.  As a warantee station for many manufacturers, I can tell you that the "dealer" cost of the replacement parts often exceeds the "retail" cost of the unit.  A good exampleof this is the picture tube for direct view TVs.  No one would pay $700 for a picture tube when they spent $399 for the whole set, right?

 The constant pausing is that the digital data stream is not consistant.  The tracking information is valid which is why it still tries to continue.  This is a sign that the optics are failing.  It can sometimes be "fixed" by adjusting the laser power setting.  This is just a bandaid though and will not last.

Thanks for all the posts. The

Thanks for all the posts. The player is a Toshiba as was the first DVD player I had. I've had the player now for a few years so at this point I don't think the the warranty would even be valid. I watched a movie at a friends house the other night and their DVD player didn't pause once! It was amazing to watch a movie all the way through..so sad that it's a novelty for but I've asked for a new one for Christmas and hopefully will have better luck. Happy Holidays!

Larry Dillon
same to you shasa, as I have

same to you shasa, as I have seen players this season as low as 19.95.

Are there any brands that are

Are there any brands that are better than others? I don't need a lot of extras I just want to watch a DVD without it constantly pausing.

Larry Dillon
In my opinion, a player is a

In my opinion, a player is a player, is a player. Most Brands are all manufactured by just a few companys. I got a cheap RCA for 32 bucks at wally world, and have not had a single problem with it in a year.

Having repaired a number of

Having repaired a number of DVDs under warrantee, I could say that there are differences. First a slight diversion: CD or DVD "cleaners" are a waste of money. These things are only little brushes built into a standard disc that is supposed to wipe off the lens. Usually the problem with the lens getting dirty is not just dust but a grease or smoke film which will not wipe off.

As far as brands go, I would recommend Sony, Panasonic or Pioneer. Toshiba is usually good, but has had problems in the past. I think they are fixed now though. As I have stated earlier in this thread, you get what you pay for. I have seen people buy the cheap ones at wally mart before and have them for years. I have also seen them fail after 90 days. I believe that you stand a better chance of a longer life (and assistance when things go wrong) if you stick to the major brands.

As far as the Toshiba DVD mentioned in this thread, I'd CAREFULLY open the unit and clean off the lens with a q-tip and window cleaner. Gently wipe the lens with the damp q-tip and dry it with the other end, reassemble and see...


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