Cannot program remote

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Cannot program remote

I returned cable boxes and had to purchase universal remotes for all TVs. I have a small LXI TV in bedroom that I cannot get programmed! I used all codes in book that came with remote as well as tried all of the alternate methods of programming offered.
I think it is TV not remote problem. I had no problem with big screen HD PIP TV, VCR/DVD Players, CD Players etc. Only this one little TV is impossible. Any secrets or ideas? Thanks.

Matt Whitlock
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The term "universal" when

The term "universal" when talking about a remote is not an accurate one. It is not guaranteed that a universal will control all the functions of every device you own, or even control it at all. I did an article about this a while back. It's called "Tech Myth: 'Universal' Remote Controls"

When you said you tried all the codes, do you mean you tried all the ones listed for LXI... or ALL of them? I would try all the codes listed for GE, RCA, and Mitsubishi. As far as I know, these are the main companies produced LXI TVs for Sears.


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