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I have 2 Samsung SP403JA rear projection TVs which have broken bulbs. I have purchased two replacement bulbs, but am unsure how to go about replacing them. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

Matt Whitlock
There isn't much to go on

There isn't much to go on regarding the Tantus SP-403JA. It is one of the earlier LCD rear-projection models, so it's safe to assume that these were not intended to be user-replaceable. Actually fitting it inside the set shouldn't be that difficult once you get to the guts of the set, but there may be some sort of timer that you need to reset, which won't be possible without the service manual. (Only guessing here, can't locate the original owners manual).

I would have the first replacement done by a service technician. At least you'll be able to watch what he does, and see how difficult it really is. You may be able to emulate the process for your second replacement... though I still wouldn't recommend it.


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