Treo 650 and Call Waiting

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Treo 650 and Call Waiting

This may seem like a silly question but....everytime I am on a call and I get a new call, I lose the original call when I switch to new one. What am I doing wrong? How do you put the original call on 'hold' and then come back to it. The screen lists both calls and when I go to the second incoming call, it says that the original call is 'holding'. However, when I disconnect the second call, the original call has been disconnected. I am sure that it is something very basic that I am

Ron Repking (not verified)
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No question is silly if you

No question is silly if you can't figure something out :-)

When you're on a call and a new call comes in, press the "Answer" button. Your screen should show two calls and one of which is on hold (the original call). After you finish with the new call, press the "Swap" button on the right side of the screen. You should be reconnected with the original call!

Nothing to it!

Bill Smyth
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This is all well and good,

This is all well and good, but it misses the fact that many Treo 650 users, including myself, have had various problems with Call Waiting.  I have been to various forums to read up on the problem.  I have the most recent Verizon ROM update, but it occurs on other providers as well.

Here's the deal: I am talking to someone on the phone, and I get the call waiting beep.  My screen shows the identity of the new caller, and gives two options: Answer or Ignore.  If I press Ignore, all is well - I continue speaking with the first caller, and the second caller goes to Voice Mail.

If I choose Answer, the first call is placed on hold, and I am now speaking to the second caller.  There is no way to drop either caller without dropping both callers.  Sometimes if I press the RED end button, the call that I am on will drop, and the other caller rings back to my phone.  Other times, it drops BOTH callers.

I can swap to my hearts content, but I cannot drop one of the callers. 


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