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I set the timer .I tape for a hour. I rewind start to play; tape blank. Works find on quick timer. Tapes when tv on. It has worked fine for five years.

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Do you use a cable or

Do you use a cable or satellite box to receive programs?

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Using cable does not mean you

Using cable does not mean you use a box for it, which was the point of the question. Below are some guidelines for both situations.

If you are connecting the output of the cable box to the input on your VCR using an RF (screw type) cable, you need to set the box to the channel you wish to record, leave the box on, and set the VCR to record channel 3 or 4 (depending on your settings) to record your program at a specific time.

If the box is connected using RCA type cables (yellow, red, white), you follow the steps above but set the VCR to record the line input where the cable box is plugged in. Usually LINE 1, but you'll need to look at the label on the back of the VCR to be sure.

If you use the television's monitor output (yellow, red, white) as your connection to the VCR, you would only be able to record when the TV is on, and the channel is on the screen. Due to the limiting factors of this connection, you'll want to get the cable signal from the box to the VCR before it goes to the television.

If you don't have a box. You'll want to run the cable line from the wall to the IN on the back of the VCR, then run another cable from the OUT on the VCR to the back of the TV. Once that's done, you'll be able to set up your timer to record the exact time and exact channel you wish to record. Here's two catches that a lot of people miss:

1. Make sure the record tab is not broken off of the tape you wish to use.
2. Once the timer is set, you need to power off the VCR for it to record.

It is installed and hooked

It is installed and hooked properly. It was working at least five years with the way I have it hooked up. You can also quick time record or if you turn on Tv when it time to record it will record. Will no record with out TV on. It's a Soney,

Matt Whitlock (not verified)
Can you be more specific

Can you be more specific about how you have the related components hooked up? What wires go to what inputs and outputs? Make and model of the components you have? Your settings in the timer screen on your VCR?

Thanks for your help Matt.

Thanks for your help Matt. The problem was in the cable box. I exchanged it. Work fine. Thank again.

Do you know anything about Alpine radios. The screen is blacked out and I need to put the code in for it to work. It's in a Mercedes. That a security thing incase it's stolen. ( Radio)

Help! I own a Sharp Aquos TV

Help! I own a Sharp Aquos TV hooked up to DirectTv. My neice came over and trying to get my system on totally messsed my system up. Now I cannot get anything other than over the air broadcast on the screen. Is there an Aquos expert out there that can help me?

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