Need Accelerometer!!

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Need Accelerometer!!
I urgently need an accelerometer for a project..The accelerometer is KXP74 and is a Tri-Axis, 2 Giga accelerometer..It is a product of the company KIONIX Inc..I tried mailing the company but they don't ship it overseas and I am in Pakistan..

Are there any suppliers that could be helpful in shipping it to me? Do you know any way I could get it? It's extremelyyyy URGENT..thanks

Your probably not going to be

Your probably not going to be able to get much help. Its most likely illegal due to export restrictions to export things like accelerometers which are used in things like ballistic missile guidance systems to Pakistan. Its especially bad because of how your country got a lot of its nuclear technology. (Im not making a judgment here,if I were the guy tasked with the job,I would have done the same thing) Europe and US as well as their allies will be very touchy about exporting certain technologies to your country.


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