tv turns on then shuts off

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tv turns on then shuts off

I have a sony kp57ws500 and it blinks eight times after shutting off. I took it to a auth sony repair in Lawton ok and he advised bad picture tubes (2) and est 540.00 to repair. The blinking codes refer to audio problem. Any ideas whats going on. del

Larry Dillon
If you do not have any TV

If you do not have any TV troubleshooting skills i quess you are at the mercy of what the TV techs tell you.  But you have Us to help you in deciding what is the problem.  When the TV tech diagnosed the set to have bad picture tubes, Did you ask them how they came to that conclusion!?  How could an audio chip being bad come to a bad CRT being bad.  Now there is one possibility.  Did you find out if maybe the picture tube was leaking  coolent onto the Printed circuit boards?  Maybe the tech gave you a standard diagnose that they give to all who calls them and hopes they do not aprove of the est. ?  I would for sure call someone else to be sure.  Or contact Sony Corp and find out the scoop on the local Sony authorized repair center.  Good Luck and Please keep us informed about this repair.

Something doesn't sound right

Something doesn't sound right if the cost is $540 and there are 2 tubes that are bad.  Each tube should be about $300! 

According to the tips I have access to:  CG board is bad.  Replace this board and adjust G2, focus and check convergence.



Larry and Dan..well I took my

Larry and Dan..well I took my tv to another repair shop. They called and said I have three picture tubes shorted. He said some of these sets were bad and Sony was replacing them or fixing them free and to call a Sony Rep

in Okcty for help in getting it fixed. Have you hear of this from anyone and who do you start calling to complaining.


Well, I did a little more

Well, I did a little more searching on this one.  There are reports that a shorted CRT could cause the 8-blink symptom.  In most cases however, the CG board (A1401057A) was changed first then the HV Block (859895532).  Note that the CG board is no longer available so only a repair of the board would be possible.  The HV block is available at $80-$90 or so.

I stand a bit corrected from my earlier post as the CRT costs were actually $190 each.  Please note that the only CRT still available is the RED CRT (8-733-648-25).


My suggestion at this time would be to call Sony directly and state that you have no confidence in the local Sony servicer and see what they will do to address the problem.

Good luck!! Dan


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