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A Tech Free Weekend, or Why I Need To Relax

This past weekend, I went on a road trip to a place very different from where I'm living now, and what an experience it was.  I've done some limited traveling in the U.S., but mostly for work purposes, and never to truly immerse myself into another area's culture.  Usually, I had been too busy putting together spreadsheets, taking remote conference calls, and checking emails to see what was going on around me.

This time, though, is the first time I have taken a non-work related trip to an isolated, relatively tech-free area.

And let me tell you, it was very difficult... and eye-opening, too.

Putting Modified Photos Back Onto Your SD Card

Question:  I downloaded pictures from my camera's SD card to my computer.  Then, I cropped, adjusted, etc. to my liking and created a Photo CD.  Can I put those photos from the disk back onto the SD card? (Contributed by BillyZ)

Answer:  It depends on your camera and your editing software.  Let me continue on to explain the details!

iPhone + Apps Store = Second Honeymoon

Well, I needed something to do as I sit here feverishly awaiting the "go-live" of MobileMe.

I've been playing with the new App Store today thanks to friends who provided me with the MobileMe installation package and iPhone 2.0 firmware package.  After a brief scare that I may have bricked my precious, I realized I needed to upgrade iTunes to the newest version before I could re-flash.  (Read: almost epic fail.)

The Reigning King Of My Bluetooth World

Bluetooth headsets are becoming more and more common than ever these days.  So common, that people often disobey common laws of courtesy, walking around with their headset attached to their ear like some sort of flashing plastic bio-genetic graft, pretending like they absolutely cannot afford to miss that important call from their buddy while they sit in the food court at the mall at 8:30PM munching on cheese fries and crappy pizza.

Ode To My USB Broadband Connection

To many techies, road warriors, and laptop-luggers, this may seem to be an outdated subject.  I mean, mobile broadband connections have been available for quite some time, and I think that most people who have been using them for a while really take them for granted.  We'll becoming ever greedy, salivating over super 3G speeds, consuming ever mounting mass amounts of delicious data, and forgetting how truly grateful we should be that it's even possible.

For grins and giggles, let's examine how it "used to be."



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