Steven Jones' Top Ten List from CES 2005

After getting over the rush of trying to visit over 2500 exhibitors and the exhaustion of walking what felt like the length of the Grand Canyon in 2 days, I am finally able to gather my thoughts and compile my top ten list.

Top Ten Favorite Gadgets from CES 2005

Please note that these are my favorites for a wide variety of reasons as explained below. They are not necessarily the best devices.

DVD Doesn't Play

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I have bought 2 new DVD movies from Ebay. They play for a bit then freeze up. All the used dvds from Ebay and also rented or bought from stores work fine. So, why do these freeze? I have tried them on other dvd players and the same happens. Is there a way to clean a dvd player, IE, the heads on a vcr?

My TV Is Dead! What Should I Do?

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I have a JVC Av-27980 television. I have never had any problems with the TV until now. The TV will not turn on. I have tried other outlets so it is not a power problem. Is it some internal protective switch that won't allow the TV to turn? Can this be easy repaired?

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