Do It Yourself HDTV

Early Gadget Adopter - What's That?

I have worked hard for more than 10 years to earn the title of early gadget adopter and now I wear the badge with pride. It's not an easy reputation to establish and the path is often littered with bad purchasing decisions. I still cringe when I think of the color Pronto (touch screen remote control), the Palm VII, or the 38" HD DirecTV tube TV! I'd like to think those just help build character.

Tips & Tricks for Radio Shack & One For All Remotes

This page will attempt to give you ideas for some cool tricks that will help you use the full functionality of your remote as well as answering a few FAQ's.

It is not the intent of this page to give detailed instructions on how to do the actual programming as those instructions are already covered in the manuals (which can be found in the manuals section of this web site). 



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