Bluetooth Car Stereos Bring Wireless Convenience to Your Ride

Let’s just face it; Bluetooth technology is taking over.  Just about all the new eletronic audio devices are incorporating Bluetooth technology into their design, allowing the user to talk on the phone, stream music, or perform other various ta

From Acer's Aspire One to the MSI Wind... A Netbook Buyer's Guide

Even though I'm a Mac guy at heart, even I'll admit that I would like to get a netbook this Christmas.  Indeed, packed with power and light on the wallet, netbooks make a great gift for the laptop-hungry on a budget.  I might even gift one to myself sometime soon!

Turn Your Laptop into a TV

As long as you have your trusty laptop with you, there’s no need to miss out on your favorite TV shows wherever you may be at the moment. One solution that works anywhere is to use an actual TV tuner – either in the form of an expansion card or a USB dongle.



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