Magic Jack, Not So Magical - TechLore Member Review

There is a new device being advertised all over the US right now called "the Magic Jack," a private voice over IP (VoIP) solution allowing you to use a high-speed Internet connection to make and receive calls instead of traditional land-line service.

NETGEAR Digital Entertainer Elite (EVA 9150) Review and Unboxing

Do you stream?  Have you discovered the pleasures of being able to access all the media on your network directly on your television?

NETGEAR's been bringing this technology into homes for years now with the original Digital Entertainer (EVA 700) and Digital Entertainer HD (EVA 8000.)  Personally, I've grown quite attached to the Digital Entertainer HD, as I can watch any television shows I've recorded as well as listen to my music collection right in my main setup. 

Review Of OtterBox Defender Case For iPhone 3G: Bulletproof Protection


Well... not literally, of course.  I imagine that shooting an OtterBox case point blank would probably cause at least a little bit of irreversible damage.  Of course, I'm pretty sure it can handle just about everything else you throw at it.



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