Review of Fallout 3 - A Post-Apocalyptic Wonderland

Shake off those Muties, buckle up your Power armor, and fill up on some Cram... we're goin' wastelandin'!

Saddle up for the adventure you always knew you wanted to go on but hadn't been programmed yet.  Fallout 3 is simply the most exquisitely crafted, immersive world I've had the pleasure to be irradiated by... even better than Bethesda's previous masterpiece, Oblivion.  Stay tuned to your tube radio and learn why Fallout 3 had better be on your list of must have games.

Review of the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 - Netbook Heaven

What is it with tiny electronics?

For some reason, the more Lillputian, the more attractive they are to me.  I don't mean so small the product is unusable, like a flip phone the size of a peanut or a laptop the size of a checkbook - but compact enough that the small size is actually a benefit.

Even though I'm in love with my MacBook (despite some of its issues) I caught the "mini" bug about a few months ago.  Seeing boatloads of reviews of netbook computers wore me down, and I finally pulled the trigger.

Mitsubishi "Blinking Green Light" Repair Procedure

This Article is written to provide assistance and step-by-step guidance in resolving the Mitsubishi "Blinking Green Light" issue. This failure is often referred to as the "Blinking Green Light of Death" or BLOG. A large amount of information is included in this Article, all of which will help you to both understand and repair the 'Blinking Green Light' problem.



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