Review of the Mintpass Mintpad MID / PDA / MP3 Player

Ah, the Post-It note... a mainstay of organizers everywhere.  Sitting atop your desk merely waiting to be peeled and stuck, the iconic yellow squares (or tabs, or rectangles) have been around seemingly forever, and to date, haven't met with an adequate electronic replacement.  Computer desktop "stickies" don't really seem to emulate the feeling of jotting down a quick note.  It's for this reason that the beguiling Mintpass Mintpad called my name, begging my compulsively organized self to give it a try.

G2 Adjustment and Electrical Focus Procedure for Sony and Many Other Rear Projection TVs

If you are looking to perform a G2 adjustment and electrical focus on your Sony or other common rear projection television yourself, the following detailed procedure will help you do it properly.

G2 Adjustment Procedure

DIY Repair Tip: How To Quick Check Transistors

There are ways to test transistors, using special transistor testing equipment. You have to remove the transistor from the circuit then test using this device, and while it does give you an accurate diagnostic of the transistor, it's a very slow process.



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