Review of FREETALK Everyman Skype USB Headset

If you follow my blog here on TechLore, you might know that I'm a big fan of the Skype VoIP product.  Frankly, I'm just not willing to get hooked up with a separate landline phone.  Not only does it feel... so...

How to Set Up Your Wireless Router: A Basic Guide

The often misunderstood and highly undervalued wireless router sits quietly in your office or living room, chugging away while broadcasting your high speed internet throughout your home.  If you're like many folks out there, getting the thing set up was difficult enough - and most of the options available either were not changed

Review of LG Flatron W2286L 22" Ultra Slim LED Backlit Widescreen Monitor

Are you sick and tired of those long-winded, overly technical monitor reviews that just bog you down with jargon you don't understand?  I am too.  All of those fancy specifications sometimes belie the crappiness of certain monitors, so it's generally better to trust "user" reviews or just plain seeing it in person.  Unfortunately, to get the best price, you gotta go online - which is what I did with this LG.  I trusted the company and they did not disappoint.



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