4 Steps to Protecting Your Digital Life

Throughout the nineties, the home computer revolution exploded. Computers were no longer for the geeks and business users. And while many began discovering the joys of using computers for the first time, those same users also started learning some hard lessons about the dark side of computing, like data loss, viruses, scams, and more.

OCZ Enyo USB 3.0 Portable Solid State Drive Review

SSDs or solid state drives are become increasingly popular for two main reasons, one being the fast speed and two being the ruggedness of them. SSDs are normally found in a laptop or a desktop but they can also be used just like a portable hard drive.

Review of Powermat iPhone 4 Wireless Charger and Powermat 2X


Any iPhone user knows that even the newest member of the family, the iPhone 4, can really chew through battery life - especially if you're on the Internet quite a bit (like me) and play games with it (also like me.)  I usually find myself, often, plugging in the phone whenever I get a chance, even in the car, to keep the battery "topped off."  



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