Review of the Meggy Jr. RGB Handheld Video Game Kit

Remember playing those old Tiger Electronics LCD games back in the day?  Yeah, they were pretty cheesy, but they were fun and relatively cheap, meaning that even the most resilient parents might have caved and bought you one to get you to shut up.  Even further back, when I was maybe a twinkle in my old man's eye, game makers were crafting LED based games - such as Mattel's classic "Football."  What if you could not o

No Ethernet? No Problem! Powerline, MoCA, and Wireless-N Kits Compared

Despite the ever increasing proliferation of devices and services that require a broadband connection to the Internet, the average home has one major flaw: no Ethernet. Even modern day new-construction often lacks the magic eight conductor cable strung to every room, meaning getting that connection to things like Slingbox, Xbox Live, and other web based devices can be a real challenge.

Sony DPF-D70 Digital Photo Frame Review

Chalk it up to self-consciousness, or just merely being pretty un-photogenic, but I've never been a big fan of either taking photos or being in them... until recently.  Even when digital cameras first came out and I picked up a (now archaic) Casio camera, I never took a lot of pictures.



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