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Later this week, Digeo will unveil two interest-free Moxi HD DVR ($799, no fees) payment plans...

Why Buy a Second TiVo?

Recently, I have circled back with many of my fellow TiVo-ers and discovered that, like me, many have opted for a second TiVo for their household. While anyone who has discovered the DVR phenomenon will certainly understand how two TiVos can be better than one, it may surprise even TiVo advocates just how many different -- and good -- reasons there are to double up.

His and Hers

Should I purchase a 'Full Screen' or 'Widescreen' DVD?

While many DVDs are now shipped with both "Full Screen" or "Widescreen" formats on a single DVD, there are still several DVDs that are sold with only one or the other in the box. This forces the consumer to make a decision of which format to buy which can be confusing to the average person.

The Playstation 2, XBOX, & GameCube

October 26, 2000 marked the date of the current video game console war in the United States, when Sony released its Playstation 2 (PS2) home video game system. A little over a year later, Microsoft and Nintendo joined the battle for the home video game market with their consoles, bringing about one of the most exciting video game battles in nearly a decade.

What is Dolby Digital?

Dolby Laboratories, founded in 1965, has been arguably the most influential company in the sound industry since its inception. Most people are familiar with the Dolby Logo, stemming back to when analog cassette tapes were the standard for music listening. Although few people knew how the Dolby Noise Reduction system worked, they did know that tapes played back with Dolby technology sounded better when it was used.

Replacing the Battery in my iPod

Like many people, I love my iPod and use it frequently. However, my original iPod (first generation) is already a couple of years old and the battery life has suffered tremendously. I can now only get it to play for 15-20 minutes before it dies. Since it does not have a removable battery, I needed to do some investigation on what my options were before I went out an purchased a whole new iPod.

Here are the options that I found:




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