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Your projects have photos, notes, and audio.? How are you keeping it all organized???



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hello experts! i need help on my tv panasonic tc-21fj20p vertical diode replacement. diode code...


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The Community Approach

If you are like us, you already have a bunch of questions about gadgets that you already own or about products you expect to purchase in the next few months. There are three ways that we have found in order to get the answers that you are looking for:

  1. Go it Alone - through exploration, experimentation, and trial-and-error, you can always learn the hard way. Sometimes it pays off to spend the time to investigate it yourself but in many cases, this is the longest and hardest road.

Understanding Amplifier & Receiver Power Specifications

It's no secret that it takes a lot of knowledge to truly understand the world of home audio, which is littered with confusing numbers and terms. Wattage, current, distortion, frequencies, and impedance are just a few of the specifications anyone looking for an amplifier of home theater receiver is going to come across. With the thousands of choices in each category, it takes a little bit of background to use these specifications to make a great choice.

I own a Treo 650 Cell Phone

I just bought a Treo 650 cell phone yesterday and here are my initial impressions.


The Treo 650 cell phone is the latest upgrade of the Treo 600 from PalmOne. It uses the Palm OS and basically marries the functionality of old Palm handheld devices with all of the functionality of modern cell phones. At $599 retail (a little less with service agreements), it is an expensive device, but worth every penny.

Why it's Cool

  • It's compact

Finding the Best Location for Your Subwoofer

A surround sound system can be one of the biggest upgrades to your home video and audio experience, but can also be very challenging to setup properly. Specifically, in order to get the most enjoyable audio experience from your home theater, your speakers should be placed in the room appropriately.

How Much Storage Do I Need for a Portable MP3 Player?

Are you thinking about buying an MP3 player but confused about how much storage you need for your songs? Or have you run out of storage and need to buy more but don't know how much? Understanding digital memory and the basics of MP3s is essential before you make this decision.

Understanding the Basics



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