ws-65813 blinking green light

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Bill 29
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ws-65813 blinking green light

I replaced the four caps on dm board and replaces chip fuse fb00 and still have blinking green light. no power to ka pin 19 on pcb power. what could be wrong

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Do you have the original

Do you have the original remote? 

Try pulling up the "Factory Reset " menu with the remote. This reset is differnt from the button reset on the front.  Mine was a Mitsu WD-52628 and it responded to "Menu 1,2,3" for this default reset. I was looking in the wrong places like everyone here. I replaced the lamp and the green light started. Same as everyone else.  I think it may have to do with putting the new lamp in. Everything has to be reset to factory specs with a new lamp.  

Try this and post your results please.




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