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so i was given a samsung

so i was given a samsung hcl4715w. previous owner said that lenses needed adjustment. Convergence ic's need replaced i know that.... the only thing that i wonder about is that i can get sound and the t.v. menu and pip, but i can't get a regular picture..... ive tried several devices and even cable but i can't get the 'big' picture. Does anyone know what would cause that. I would love to have this t.v. for less than $100

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within the past few weeks my

within the past few weeks my 4715W has begun to display intermittent dark horizontal lines across it when anything with a white background appears. Any ideas at all?

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Well, here I am back at this

Well, here I am back at this thread again!

Cleaning the oil drips off the circuit boards kept our 4715W set going for almost two more years, but the bright green symptoms have returned. So I'll be pulling out the alcohol wipes and giving it another try this evening. It's just shy of being in service for 10 years, so if we do have to replace I won't feel too bad.


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Recently had my hcl 4715w

Recently had my hcl 4715w serviced for a bad convergence and they clean the lenses of the projectors as well. In the past my service person cleaned the mirror as well, this time they did not. How do I get the front screen off to clean the mirror inside. I have the speaker front off and saw the two small openings on the left and right to pry but I am afraid to pry to hard. Am I now the correct tract for removing the screen or am I missing something. Thank you.



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