Quasar VCR Problem

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Quasar VCR Problem

Can anyone tell me if there is any way to fix this problem? My VCR is working fine except for two things. One is a squeek it makes when you first start playing a tape, and the other problem is, you can play with the tracking and watch a video clearly in black and white (for some odd reason the colors disappear) but if you continue to hit the tracking button you end up with mostly a blue and red picture (and a little green.) Is it dead? Do I need a new one, or is it fixable? It's set to run through our stereo tuner on Video 2 input. I know it's old, but I hate to buy another if I dont need to.

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Emmab, the squeek you hear is

Emmab, the squeek you hear is most likely the drive belt, not the easiest fix and does require taking apart the machine, you may be able to replace the belt to breathe a little life back into your machine, this is also most likely the same source of your tracking problem, as a drive belt skips the tape is running slower across the heads thus changing the tracking mechanically. New VCR's only set you back about $50-60 at the low end, and some belts can run near the replacement price after you include shipping. Research is time well spent and may reveal the answer of alive, dead, or large paperweight.
Hope this helps.


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