Phillips Magnavox Tv making high pitch noise

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Phillips Magnavox Tv making high pitch noise

My tv started making this high pitch noise, some days it is worse than others.
Model #9P6040C102
S/N 33192819
Chassis #PTV843

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The philips/magnavox model

The philips/magnavox model 9p6040c102 chasis PTV 843 projection tv.I can here the high voltage when i power it on but then the high voltage goes away.The set don't have a picture or sound.When i got it last week it cam on in about in a about 5 minutes and then there was a small round circle for a minute then the picture filled out again.after another few minutes it did the same thing.went into a ball then back to full picture.Now when i turn it on there is no picture or sound.The power light will turn on but thats it.I know the sound board mounted on the left side has a 4700uf at 63 volts bad.Will that cause the problem since it gets its power from a plug from the high voltage area?.Oh i have the full service manual on cd for anyone that needs a copy.It covers several models.


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